Congratulations Sports Hook Winner!!!

So, in a few short days you are going to be able to display your amazing bling in a super cool way.

Get excited
you just won a
Sports Hook of your choice.

Use the contact Todayz Run tab at the top of the page to let me know your shipping information, and which 5 hook Sports Hook you would love to display your hardware on.

Thanks to all for entering the fun giveaways on Todayz Run.

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Vegas Baby…..Ragnar Style!

Oh, I think I might be addicted to Ragnar Races. I am not sure if it is accomplishing something so fun, or if the people I run with are always so fun, or both.

I do know that I love the comradery between all the teams. Everyone that is running Ragnar supports everyone else. I am sure that there are teams out there that really set out to win, but for the most part, I think every team out there is just out there for completion. Then celebration of course!!! (Oh the celebration wasn’t done Vegas style, just the running)

I was a little nervous to start because, the love of my life and I, we were suppose to meet fifty pounds of fury, my other great running sister, my cute running niece, and her cute running friend at our first exchange. Well they don’t have an inner GPS or clock cause they got lost right off the bat. I had to start my first leg kind of in a scramble, and I am not so fond of a scramble!!

Once they did arrive, I was already two miles into my run, up a pretty good incline. They were for sure I was going to kill them with the look on my face, however, that was just my typical running face. (What am I going to do about that flippin’ “Bitch face”? I need Botox!! Oh, then I could change the name to “Poker face” cause you would just not know right?!!) Well, nothing like a good 6 miles, with the first 4 up hill, to get rid of some, “I can’t believe they didn’t give themselves enough time to get to the start” tension. By the time I finished my first leg it just didn’t matter anymore.

After we had all run our first legs and my niece’s cute running friend handed back off to van 1, we knew that we were a couple of hours ahead of schedule, and might be held up at our second legs at the next exchange for about three hours longer than expected. I was a tad bummed, because, I really wanted to just run through at the time we were at. However, I guess it was more important to have the course set up, so I wouldn’t get lost!!

They did let us start about an hour earlier then they were going to, so I was able to start running just after 10p.m.. This run also started and continued to be on an incline. It is a good thing I enjoy a hill, because, hills is what I got for sure!! This leg was also a 6 mile run, but it was through the city, and I loved it!! It totally reminded me of running with my good friend in Arizona. It was still warm from the day’s sun, and the landscape was exactly the same. Even though the run was a little tough, I was able to run with just my thoughts, and memories. I had great running memories with some great peeps, and just some great thoughts of my mom. I always love it when I have runs like these, because, they seem so easy.

Once I handed off to my great running sister, I was able to hear about the bathroom battle

She will eat you alive!!

that fifty had while I was away. Yeah, it wasn’t quite a bathroom brawl, but entertaining still. I’m just going to say, don’t mess with the little ones that look like they wouldn’t hurt a fly, because you might be messin’ with fifty!!!
These are the things that make running at midnight seem super fun, and keep you laughing for hours!!! If you want to laugh and hear great stories, make sure you are with fifty in the late hours of the night!!!

Oh, speaking of fifty, there was another battle right after the bathroom battle. However, it was a running battle. She happened to start her second leg with who we named “Orange shorts”. Orange shorts was just another runner, who happened to have about the same pace a fifty. We thought for sure she could take him. We chanted, fifty, fifty, fifty, yelled, encouraged, and she made us proud by holding strong to him.
Together they caught “The giant” (he was super tall okay!). Now there were three in the battle. Mr. Orange shorts was not letting down. Fifty was always at his shoulder, and together they both ran at the hip of “The giant”. It was like watching the Jazz when they were almost awesome. It was a tied game for 4 miles. Then fifty told them how fast they were going, and Mr. Orange shorts pulled away. Oh, it was a great running battle!! Even though Orange shorts beat her by a hair, we were so proud she battle all the way, never giving up!! That’s fifty pounds of fury, if you didn’t know!!!

Now the break before our third legs. It was all of our longest legs, and I think we were all a

Always having a good time!!

bit nervous. Although, we never lack excitement! We slept and then worried about what to wear for our next runs. I know exciting right?!

I started my third leg at about 8 a.m. and it was freezing. I was a little upset with my clothing selection, but I was hoping that it would warm up soon. I mean I had 10 miles for it to gain a little warmth.

Once again I started my run with an incline. (Incline was definitely the theme of my runs) Oh, and this happened to be the “Ragnar Hill”) I had a pretty fierce head wind, and I was lacking confidence and my body not being 100% had me a little worried if I could do it. Then I could see someone ahead of me. I could barely see them, so I decided that I would set a tiny of goal of catching him before the 10 miles was up. I wasn’t sure if it was possible, but it was something to aim for right? two miles in I realized that my runner ahead had started walking. I just told myself to keep putting one foot in front of the other. He started running again, but I knew at that point that he was going to be caught soon, and that he was.

Slap my ass as you pass!

At the 3 mile mark I had to start telling myself “Pain is only temporary”, and I spotted my next goal ahead. Another runner that was dying to be caught by me. Once again I just told myself to catch him before the end. Instead of focusing on the pain I was  experiencing, I decided that I would focus on lifting my heels and knees a little higher. It wasn’t long before I realized that I was about to pass my next runner. On this length and incline of hill, I wasn’t planning on passing anyone, so to pass two guys was awesome!! Oh, my gosh I was getting excited because I was about to pass a third guy, and then I saw one last person to try to catch before the top of  the hill. I wasn’t sure because I could barely see him. and I knew I was getting close to the top of the hill. I didn’t think I would have enough time to catch him before the downhill started. Once again I just focused on making my pace just a hair faster than his. Then, oh my gosh, he is that close to the top and he started walking!! I had to catch him at that point. Well I caught him with just about a quarter of a mile left of the hill. I was excited, but I wasn’t sure if that was enough to stay in front of him on the downhill. Yeah, I should have tripped him!! He caught me back about two miles into the downhill. I even tried to stay with him, but my legs would not go any faster. Well I guess they could have, but then my legs would have gone up over my head, and I might have had to roll the rest of the way down. Yeah, I didn’t want that to happen, so I let him go. It was a tough run, and I was proud to have completed it.

Once, I was done with all of my runs, the celebrating had to begin. We had a couple of dance parties while cheering in the rest of our runners. It was just all around good times, and everyone ran so well.  What amazing strong runners I was able to run with once again. I was so proud of all them.

It's a dance party

It is amazing though, that as soon as the team crosses the finish line, and you get your awesome bling, that you smack face first into a gigantic wall, and you just want a shower, some real food, and a bed!!! Then once you get those things, then you start thinking about all the Ragnar Races you want to participate in!

Awe. good times for sure!!

I run for good bling!!!

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Hang on to that!!! It’s a Sport Hooks by Heavy Medalz Giveaway!!!

Okay, I am flippin’ excited about this here product. As you all may remember from my last post, I talked a little bit about the bling I run for, and being ever so proud of it. However, we all have great intentions of displaying our accomplishments, but for some crazy reason our bling always get stashed in the oddest of places. I have heard of runners that place their medals in their under-roo drawer (obviously they really don’t want anyone to see there bling), in the bathroom (um what?), on the dresser mirror (guilty), on the coat hanger (I’m sure they look super awesome under your snow coat!), and many other places.

Personally my bling starts out on my dresser mirror…..

I know my Ragnar medal deserves way more! 

When I am motivated by a child wanting to see “the bling”, I pull down “The Box”! Yeah, this is where all the medals go until I find the perfect place for them to be displayed.

Hey, this is so an upgrade. It is a shipping box, not just an old shoe box. My medals are very important, so you know a shoe box is just not going to work!!!

Now on a few occasions the love of my life has gotten really creative displaying our precious bling.

Our first marathon….

Yeah, you can be super impressed with my photog skills! I did get the “Boob Light” reflection to be right above the love of my life’s head. That takes mad skills to accomplish that. Don’t be jealous I can so teach you my skills!!!

Oh, I can’t forget about our first Ragnar…

So fun!! (Vegas I am coming, be prepared for me! I so want that Saints to Sinners medal. Although, a saint I will always be!)

I love the last two displays, but you can’t make a shadow box for every race, so what is a runner to do?

Well when I received my Sport Hooks by Heavy Medalz medal display in the mail I was over the top excited. I was excited that I had something of good quality, that was going to display my accomplishment, and motivate me every time I looked at my awesome space. Oh I brought it all together.

Okay be impressed with my bling not my photog skills. How awesome is this little set up? I LOVE it! Do you need a close up of my Sport Hook? I do too!!!

Freakin’ awesome right?!!

Well here is the super good news. One of you lucky readers is going to win your very own 5 hook Sport Hook of your choice. (See how below)

Now remember even if you have just started your bling collection, or you just need a little motivation everyday, these hooks also can be used to hang keys, leashes, hats, or jackets. So, every time you hang your stuff up as you walk in the door, you will be reminded that there is a run waiting for you. Grab the leash and the puppy and head out the door. 

If running is not quite your sport, then you need to know that there is a sport hook for almost any sport, so pick one that fits you perfectly. Now, if you are just being difficult and can’t have anything like anyone else then Heavy Medalz has your back, they make custom Sport Hooks too. So, if you need something that says, “The couch is calling you”, you  could go that route too. (not recommended)

I know you are getting a little antsy, so I will get to the best part……The Giveaway!!! All you have to do is,

1. Leave a comment below of where you currently keep your bling, and why a Sport Hook would benefit you (or whoever you are trying to win it for) greatly.

2. “Tag” Todayz Run and Sport Hooks in your status on Facebook. (This can be a little tricky, so take the challenge! You have to “like” both Todayz Run and Sport Hooks. Then go to your page and make the post available to everyone/public (this will only be for this post, so don’t be afraid that the creepers are coming to get you!) Then you have to write something like this, Hey friends @Todayz Run is giving away an awesome medal display from @Sport Hooks. Go enter to win!!! (the @ sign before the name is what links or tags you to the page. The @ sign will no longer be there once you are linked.)

Remember to come back to Todayz Run and leave a comment that you took on the challenge and conquered it!!! I will be so proud.

3. Go to Sport Hooks by Heavy Medalz website and check out all the fun Sport Hooks they make. Come back to Todayz Run and tell me which ones are your fave.

Now, here is the kicker (I love a kicker) you can do #2 daily. Make sure you leave a comment each and every time, so that you get an entry.
Also, if your fb friends come an enter have them mention your name for a bonus entry. Nothin’ better than a bonus right?!!

The winner will be announced on October 31, 2011, so get after it and win this oh so awesome prize!!

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Five Down, One To Go!!! Layton Half Marathon is Complete!

I am that much closer to hitting my goal of running 6 half marathons by the end of the year, and you know what? I’m not even counting down. Well maybe I am counting a little tiny bit. Okay the cold is freaking me out, and I didn’t want to run my last halfs in the snow dang it!!!

Well as you all know the weather took a HUGE dip in Utah, leaving us to start the Layton Half Marathon at 40 degrees. Yeah, not my idea of a good running temp. In fact it made me have more pre-race anxiety/grumpiness than usual.

So, the Layton Half Marathon wouldn’t be one of my top three choices, however, it is pretty much in my backyard, so I had to run it right?! Well, I loved that I was able to run with my sister and the love of my life (yeah he is back!), but this race is just not as exciting as I would like it to be. Think of the colors brown and orange… Is that exciting? NO, it is really kind of blah right? Yeah, that was the colors of the race shirt we received the night before. Brown and orange really?!! Brown and Orange!!! Brown And Orange!!!

I had to take a few days before I wrote this, because I didn’t want to just vent. Bad news, waiting the extra day didn’t help at all. This was the second year for this race, so I am still giving them a little bit of a chance. That just means I would probably run it again because I don’t have to wake up at 4 in the morning to get there. I really want it to be a great exciting race, and they are not quite there yet. They did make one improvement over last year, and that was they had the half start on the island. You know if someone cared about my opinion (race directors), and happened to ask me for it, I would tell them: 1. Runners run races for great shirts. The tech-t’s are not working because you can’t buy a good quality one, so go for an awesome t, say like the DD. If you want to stay with a tech-t pick a good color dang it. Oh, and that is not Brown or Orange!! 2. Runners do not get up early to stand in the cold for no good reason. (If you have 900 runners sign up for a race and you are providing the transportation to the start, maybe have enough busses for 900 runners not 600). Just a suggestion. 3. Runners do have other things planned later in the day, so maybe think about starting the race on time. 4. Runners need a little entertainment along the way. Especially if you are running by the cows. Maybe you could talk to a couple of High School/Jr. High/local bands and maybe add some excitement along the route. I mean I shouldn’t complain, fifty pounds of fury and I were able to talk about the cow that mooed at us for a good five minutes, so that was good placement of a cow! If you don’t want to go to that much work maybe a little excitement at the end of the race would be good. Say some music playing. Once again just a suggestion. (Hello my dads stake race had more excitement. I’m just sayin’). You know I am just going to let it be with number 5. Runners run races for the bling!!! You can’t hand out finishers medals that are so cheap that the runners are like “What The Hell puppy” when they cross the finish line (they are like silver gum wrappers glued together to make a medal). We want to go with a “That was tough, but I just received some great bling to make it all worth it!” We want to be able to put something in the shoe box that we are proud of (I know you have good intentions of displaying that awesome medal. You just need to keep it in the shoe box until you find something). So Give Us Something We Can Work With People!!

Other than a few complaints the race went well. My time was 1:42:something. (since we don’t have those posted we have to go with something) I was 3rd in my age division. 7th female overall, and 34th overall.

I am hoping to hear that the organizers get ummm organized next year, and maybe in a years time they will really understand why runners run races. If not I have come up with a great plan. I am going to save my registration fee. Book a spa appointment. Have someone drop my peeps and I off 13.1 miles away from the spa and then run to the spa. I will call it Spa Day 13.1. My favorite race support/volunteer will be in charge of my fuel stations (that is you dad, so be ready!!!). It will be perfect. I bet I will even run faster to make sure I make my appointment. 

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5k Foam Fest – Battle For Nobility

Are you one of those people who watch shows like Biggest Loser and totally want to be on the show just to do the challenges? Well the 5k Foam Fest is totally so close to the challenges that it so made me happy. Now if I could have been competing for immunity, 5 grand, or any of the other fun stuff they win on the show, it would have been right on for sure!

So I know you all will have to wait a year to take a big bubble bath with strangers at this point (unless bubble baths with strangers is something you do in your passtime), but when you see the signs go up for Foam Fest, don’t miss it!!! This is a super fun obstacle race that you walk away mostly clean from. However, you are wet. Oh, and how wet you walk away is determined on your talent. Like can you go across tubes that are hooked together by ropes that happen to be stretched across a river? Well if you say yes, you are not too wet. If you answered, “Awe not so much”, you are super wet!!

What I really liked about this obstacle race is that there is some true running for half of the race. Yeah, it is trails, but not too crazy. Then comes the obstacles, 5 ft. and 8 ft. walls to climb over, tower of tires to go over and crawl under. Rivers to walk through, foam slides to get clean on, barbed wire to also crawl under, and logs to balance on. Oh my gosh, it was fun!!!

I only walked away with a few bruises and scratches, which is way more than I would get on a normal Saturday run. Nothing too serious, and they will be gone soon. However, the fun I had with the love of my life, sister, dad, and my boys will last forever!!! I know that was a little sappy, but the things I want my kids to be able to say about me is, “Mom isn’t afraid of getting a tad dirty when it comes to super fun things (I mean she is not just going to randomly get dirty!). Yeah, she is a definitely active”!! I don’t want to tell my kids I am active, I want them to see it, and be a part of it with me!!! What better way to play with your family than enjoy a big family bubble bath.

Yep, look for it next year, and while you wait for it…..Get out and live life more!!!

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Oh, It’s A Create doTERRA Giveaway!!!

Good day, good day!!

I don’t know about you, but I love essential oils. One of my favorite things to do is put a drop or two of peppermint or lavender on a towel and take it to spin class with me. I call it my spa towel, because I love the smell of the spa, and every time I wipe my sweaty face, it’s like a mini spa experience!

For the longest time I thought of the essential oil as just a really great smell on a towel. Well, now that I have been given the opportunity to try different essential oils, I am learning that essential oils really do have an added benefit other than just great smells.

I found that, “Lavender is a universal oil that has traditionally been known to balance the body and work wherever there is a need.” This is why I probably love it. I am sure I always have a need somewhere, and my body always needs to be balanced right?!!
It is also known for its calming and stress relief effects, so that is why it worked so well for spin class. I needed to be calm and relaxed during my effort!!!

I have also learned that essential oils work well applied right to the area of concern (as in a pain sight, base of neck, and reflex points) Most can be taken as a dietary supplement. You can also use the essential oils in a diffuser. Many many uses.

Well, here is the good news, I have been given the opportunity by Create doTERRA to feature a different essential oil every couple of weeks. I am really excited because I get to keep trying new oils and learning new things, and you will be given the same opportunity!!! Every time a new oil is featured, there will be a bottle of the oil given away on Todayz Run.

This month the featured oil is Deep Blue. Deep Blue is a soothing blend of essential oils. (Wintergreen, Camphor, Peppermint, Blue Tansy, Blue Chamomile, Helichrysum, and Osmanthus) “This remarkable blend contains oils that are well-known and are frequently studied for their abilities to soothe inflammation, alleviate pain, and reduce soreness.

The first time I experienced Deep Blue was during Ragnar. One of our runners had a hurt foot, and every time she applied Deep Blue, I was like, umm everyone needs to be quiet so I can enjoy my spa experience. It smells really good, and feels even better. Now that I am able to use it, I am not only enjoying the smell, but the light tingling that I feel on my ouchie knee as it relaxes feels great!!

Well enough of my rambling, it is time to start working on getting your own bottle of Deep Blue. This is how this giveaway is going to work;

1. You have to “like” Todayz Run on Facebook.

2. You have to “like” Create doTERRA on Facebook.

3. Then on your Facebook Page you have to put something on the lines of, @Create doTERRA is giving away a bottle of Deep Blue Essential Oil on @Todayz Run when they get to 100 “likes”. (Both Todayz Run and Create doTERRA have to be “liked” for the links to work, and to be entered in the giveaway.) (Typing the @ sign and then the name (no space) will pull up a pic of Todayz Run or Create doTERRA. If you just click on the picture, fb will produce the link to the page.) Hope all that makes sense.

If your msg. is seen on all three facebook pages, you did it right and you will be entered in the giveaway. You can post daily until 100 “likes” is reached, and each post will be an entry.

Good luck!

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Family Fun Run

Well my Dad’s stake had its 5K Family Fun Run this past weekend, and we walked away with some winners!!!

The race is put on by some great peeps to bring the community together, and to encourage a healthy lifestyle. Ummm, hello that is why I love this sport, everyone can be apart of it, and everyone can benefit from being healthy right?!! 

Now, I know that this race does not have a lot of money going into it, but the organizers do such a great job with what they do have. You don’t get your traditional t-shirt and bling, but you do get a decked out start and finish, with balloons and banners. Oh, and super loud, super excited cheerleaders. Another great thing about this race is that it is free!!! The only downside to that, is that when the alarm clock goes off earlier than you really want it to, you don’t really want to go. However, my dad loves to be a part of this particular race, so off we go to participate.

When we arrived I started to check out the competition. I saw a girl already running around and stretching, I thought she might be one to keep my eye on. I also saw another girl in all her Bonneville Cross Country gear walking around, as I had read a couple of days before that the Laker girls did very well in their last meet, I thought I better watch her too.

When the start buzzer went off, people took off super fast like they usually do. Since I have run this course a few times, I knew this downhill start would turn into a bad boy hill soon. I saw my two chicas ahead of me, and I almost just let them go. I went with a, well this race doesn’t matter. It is just for fun! Then I had a quick thought of, well really none of your races matter. They are all for fun. You got out of bed for this, so might as well go for it!! So, with that thought, I waited for the hill, because that is where I knew I could make a move. However, the big hill starts at the half mile mark, that leaves a lot of race left. I didn’t want to kill myself and then have them pass me right back, later in the race!! Well I did it right. I caught them at the top of the hill, and then I was able to keep it going. I knew I was in front as far as the girls went, but I needed to get in front of some boys. At the mile and half mark I spotted the boys I wanted to pass. I had to give it a good push. I was about to go down hill, and I am not so great of a downhill runner. Well when I was about ten feet or so away, one of the boys turned around and looked at me. He told his friend that, “Bandana Girl” was coming. Umm, I don’t know if I appreciate that name!!! I mean I know that for this particular race, you might not refer to me as “Badass Bandana Girl”, but plain old “Bandana Girl”, is just not right!!! When I finally got up to them, I decided I wasn’t just going to pass them, I was going to PASS them. Well, Name Caller decided that he was going to try to stay with me. and he did for about two minutes. When I decided that I didn’t want Name Caller to run with me if all he could come up with was “Bandana Girl”. I decided that I would just show him that I was Badass, even at a church race!!! (Come on name caller. Be more creative!!!)

Well it all worked out great, even if I was just “Bandana Girl” It was a well-organized, successful event. I finished first of the girls in 22 minutes. However, I had three boys finish before me, and I didn’t even have a chance to catch them. The first boy finished in 16 minutes. Hello!!! Here is some more great news. Second Sister finished first in her age division pushing my 4-year-old in a stroller, and my Dad, who is 77 years old finished first in his age division pushing my 1-year-old in a stroller. Yeah, I think they are pretty awesome. Oh, and my 9-year-old finished his first 5k without riding on my dads shoulders. That is huge!!! He actually ran with the love of my life, and finished on his own two feet. YES!

If you pinch my dads nipples right before a pic, He smiles really great. The problem is, it makes the rest of us in the pic look a little off. It's still super fun do it, so that is just how it is going to be!!! Wait can you pinch nipples at a church event?

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