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Yay! It’s a HydraPouch Giveaway!!!

Okay, who at their last race had to walk through the aid station to drink the water? Me, me, me! Who tried to run through a water station and had water go right up their nose? I did! I did! … Continue reading

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What?……A Giveaway???

Don’t miss the giveaway!!! On Sunday I will be posting about a product that I have been given the opportunity to try during my race tomorrow. I will tell you all about it and then you will have the opportunity … Continue reading

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Do You Have a Fear Barrier?

Well today I rode my spin bike, and I was just going to half………butt it!! (I am trying to keep it clean here, but you totally know what I was going for!!! Sorry “Fifty” that is very suggestive I know!) So, … Continue reading

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I’m so excited, and I just can’t stand it!!!

So the Provo Halloween Half is in 4 days and the excitement is already starting. (Some might call this fight or flight syndrome) I am learning to change the fear of racing into positive energy and I love it!!! It … Continue reading

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You Are Amazing Just The Way You Are!!!

So we all have those songs that move us, motivate us, or make us think of someone else right? Like for example “Fifty Pounds of Fury” loves the song Teenage Dream by Katy Perry; because, it reminds her of her … Continue reading

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Bet on Yourself! Be Inspired!!!

Many things inspire me, but I have been inspired beyond measure this time!!! What inspired me tonight would probably make most people think I am a little crazy. In fact I feel a little crazy to tell you about it. … Continue reading

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Franchise Opportunity!!!

So, I am the girl who is at the Wal-Mart by the eggs and there happens to be a tiny bit of liquid on the ground. I happen to be the one on my butt cause I was the one … Continue reading

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