Thank You!! Thank You!!

Oh my gosh I got a spot into the Ogden Half Marathon. Thank you so much for your support!! I now get to run with my sister in her favorite race. I am excited to be running with her. She is an amazing athlete and I know she will push me to do my best.

You know what makes running fun right? Yes, it is the people you run with, and the excitement of the race!!!

Thanks again my friend.

Get out there and live life more!!!


About Kathi

I am a runner! I am a mom of three and wife to one!!! I started running in high school, and it seems I was never able to shake it off. I have tried to breakup with running many times, but running just seems to always be a part of my life. I have been running so long that my husband runs, my sisters run, my brother runs, my 76 year old dad runs. I feel like if I can't breakup with running I better bring everyone else I love into the fold! I guess you could call our relationship a love/hate relationship. I sure hate running when I wake up for a race at 4:30 in the morning, but I sure love it when I cross the finish line!!!
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3 Responses to Thank You!! Thank You!!

  1. Heather says:

    YAY!!! So happy for you…kick it!

  2. Michaelene says:

    Congratulation!!! I’m So Excited for you!!!

  3. Kim Hall says:

    YAHOO! I think I am more excited than you. Happy Dance!

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