Race Season Is Right Around The Corner!!!

Who is loving the Spring teasers? I love the hint of warm weather, but the next day when it is cold again it throws me off a little. The warm weather does get me really excited about race season though!! Okay, if you are lucky enough to live in a warm state then every weekend is race season, but in the great state of Utah  races mainly start in the warmth of Spring.

With that said, I am really excited about all the races I do have planned. Starting in April I almost have a race every month. I added a 5k and a 10k in there, because I had to try the Dirty Dash this year right?!! So, this is what I have on the calendar thus far;
April – Salt Lake City Half
May – Ogden Half
June – Dirty Dash 5k (If you want to run with a team, I still have a few spots left.)
July – Legacy Midnight Half (not registered, but it is looking pretty fun!! I want to glow in the dark!!!)
August – (I need to know about a fun race for this month, so help me out!!!)
September – Dirty Dash 10k (I will also register for Xterra for Sept.. If you have never ran Xterra you need to. It is a blast!!! Also, I don’t know if you have heard, but they are moving the National Championship Trail Race to Snowbasin this year, so you will get to race with some amazing peeps!! However, I am sad because I really wanted to run that in Hawaii. Oh well I guess it is better on the pocket-book.)
October – Layton Half (I am not 100% on this one yet. It could be bumped by one that is more established or more entertaining!!!) Halloween Half (I am pretty sure I will do this one again. I am not one to dress up, but I love that every one else does for sure!!!)

(Oh, I am hoping to do a couple of Ragnar races too, but unfortunately our team has been put on the waiting list for Wasatch Back. Ragnar is one of those races that you will LOVE too, so make sure if you have the opportunity to run this one, don’t let it pass!!!)

So, you can see that I am running and planning for some really fun races this season, and I can’t wait!!! I do have some room to add a couple of races, so if there is a race that you know about and love that I should not miss please tell me about it!!!  

Why I love races?…Great weather! Great people to run with! Great hardware, and just plain old great fun!!!

What fun races do y’all have planned for this year? You have to register for these bad boys so early, so plan now and don’t miss your faves!!!

Get out there and live life more!!!


About Kathi

I am a runner! I am a mom of three and wife to one!!! I started running in high school, and it seems I was never able to shake it off. I have tried to breakup with running many times, but running just seems to always be a part of my life. I have been running so long that my husband runs, my sisters run, my brother runs, my 76 year old dad runs. I feel like if I can't breakup with running I better bring everyone else I love into the fold! I guess you could call our relationship a love/hate relationship. I sure hate running when I wake up for a race at 4:30 in the morning, but I sure love it when I cross the finish line!!!
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5 Responses to Race Season Is Right Around The Corner!!!

  1. Heather Bird says:

    Hey there:
    On my list:
    *SLC Half
    * Dirty Dash 5k
    *Ragnar – Wasatch Back
    * Dirty Girl (July 2nd)
    *Legacy Midnight Half – I really want to glow too and a bonus that it’s close to home 🙂 however we are thinking of doing the SanFran Half so I’ll have to decide if I can do those 2 so close together.

    Looking for some more for the second half of my year also! Looks like I’ll be seeing you hopefully!

  2. Michaelene says:

    Thanks so much for sharing the schedule So Fun!!! It makes me want to get out there and run!!!

  3. After Key West, I have Ragnar fever. TN would be nice, but hilly.
    If you need something fun in Oct, check out the Disney Wine and Dine with us – my husband is coaching a Club through it:

  4. Alison Duffy says:

    I think the TOU half is in aug. I really liked the course…

  5. Lara says:

    TOU half was a PR half for me. It’s a beautiful course and the first 8 miles are downhill. I second Alison!

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