Family Fun Run

Well my Dad’s stake had its 5K Family Fun Run this past weekend, and we walked away with some winners!!!

The race is put on by some great peeps to bring the community together, and to encourage a healthy lifestyle. Ummm, hello that is why I love this sport, everyone can be apart of it, and everyone can benefit from being healthy right?!! 

Now, I know that this race does not have a lot of money going into it, but the organizers do such a great job with what they do have. You don’t get your traditional t-shirt and bling, but you do get a decked out start and finish, with balloons and banners. Oh, and super loud, super excited cheerleaders. Another great thing about this race is that it is free!!! The only downside to that, is that when the alarm clock goes off earlier than you really want it to, you don’t really want to go. However, my dad loves to be a part of this particular race, so off we go to participate.

When we arrived I started to check out the competition. I saw a girl already running around and stretching, I thought she might be one to keep my eye on. I also saw another girl in all her Bonneville Cross Country gear walking around, as I had read a couple of days before that the Laker girls did very well in their last meet, I thought I better watch her too.

When the start buzzer went off, people took off super fast like they usually do. Since I have run this course a few times, I knew this downhill start would turn into a bad boy hill soon. I saw my two chicas ahead of me, and I almost just let them go. I went with a, well this race doesn’t matter. It is just for fun! Then I had a quick thought of, well really none of your races matter. They are all for fun. You got out of bed for this, so might as well go for it!! So, with that thought, I waited for the hill, because that is where I knew I could make a move. However, the big hill starts at the half mile mark, that leaves a lot of race left. I didn’t want to kill myself and then have them pass me right back, later in the race!! Well I did it right. I caught them at the top of the hill, and then I was able to keep it going. I knew I was in front as far as the girls went, but I needed to get in front of some boys. At the mile and half mark I spotted the boys I wanted to pass. I had to give it a good push. I was about to go down hill, and I am not so great of a downhill runner. Well when I was about ten feet or so away, one of the boys turned around and looked at me. He told his friend that, “Bandana Girl” was coming. Umm, I don’t know if I appreciate that name!!! I mean I know that for this particular race, you might not refer to me as “Badass Bandana Girl”, but plain old “Bandana Girl”, is just not right!!! When I finally got up to them, I decided I wasn’t just going to pass them, I was going to PASS them. Well, Name Caller decided that he was going to try to stay with me. and he did for about two minutes. When I decided that I didn’t want Name Caller to run with me if all he could come up with was “Bandana Girl”. I decided that I would just show him that I was Badass, even at a church race!!! (Come on name caller. Be more creative!!!)

Well it all worked out great, even if I was just “Bandana Girl” It was a well-organized, successful event. I finished first of the girls in 22 minutes. However, I had three boys finish before me, and I didn’t even have a chance to catch them. The first boy finished in 16 minutes. Hello!!! Here is some more great news. Second Sister finished first in her age division pushing my 4-year-old in a stroller, and my Dad, who is 77 years old finished first in his age division pushing my 1-year-old in a stroller. Yeah, I think they are pretty awesome. Oh, and my 9-year-old finished his first 5k without riding on my dads shoulders. That is huge!!! He actually ran with the love of my life, and finished on his own two feet. YES!

If you pinch my dads nipples right before a pic, He smiles really great. The problem is, it makes the rest of us in the pic look a little off. It's still super fun do it, so that is just how it is going to be!!! Wait can you pinch nipples at a church event?


About Kathi

I am a runner! I am a mom of three and wife to one!!! I started running in high school, and it seems I was never able to shake it off. I have tried to breakup with running many times, but running just seems to always be a part of my life. I have been running so long that my husband runs, my sisters run, my brother runs, my 76 year old dad runs. I feel like if I can't breakup with running I better bring everyone else I love into the fold! I guess you could call our relationship a love/hate relationship. I sure hate running when I wake up for a race at 4:30 in the morning, but I sure love it when I cross the finish line!!!
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2 Responses to Family Fun Run

  1. Justin says:

    Always fun to have a family run. Also, every race I go to my awesome wife is one of the top finishers in the race and up on the podium (that’s the most fun)

  2. Kim says:

    Way to go but I will be back to take the podium with you!

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