5k Foam Fest – Battle For Nobility

Are you one of those people who watch shows like Biggest Loser and totally want to be on the show just to do the challenges? Well the 5k Foam Fest is totally so close to the challenges that it so made me happy. Now if I could have been competing for immunity, 5 grand, or any of the other fun stuff they win on the show, it would have been right on for sure!

So I know you all will have to wait a year to take a big bubble bath with strangers at this point (unless bubble baths with strangers is something you do in your passtime), but when you see the signs go up for Foam Fest, don’t miss it!!! This is a super fun obstacle race that you walk away mostly clean from. However, you are wet. Oh, and how wet you walk away is determined on your talent. Like can you go across tubes that are hooked together by ropes that happen to be stretched across a river? Well if you say yes, you are not too wet. If you answered, “Awe not so much”, you are super wet!!

What I really liked about this obstacle race is that there is some true running for half of the race. Yeah, it is trails, but not too crazy. Then comes the obstacles, 5 ft. and 8 ft. walls to climb over, tower of tires to go over and crawl under. Rivers to walk through, foam slides to get clean on, barbed wire to also crawl under, and logs to balance on. Oh my gosh, it was fun!!!

I only walked away with a few bruises and scratches, which is way more than I would get on a normal Saturday run. Nothing too serious, and they will be gone soon. However, the fun I had with the love of my life, sister, dad, and my boys will last forever!!! I know that was a little sappy, but the things I want my kids to be able to say about me is, “Mom isn’t afraid of getting a tad dirty when it comes to super fun things (I mean she is not just going to randomly get dirty!). Yeah, she is a definitely active”!! I don’t want to tell my kids I am active, I want them to see it, and be a part of it with me!!! What better way to play with your family than enjoy a big family bubble bath.

Yep, look for it next year, and while you wait for it…..Get out and live life more!!!


About Kathi

I am a runner! I am a mom of three and wife to one!!! I started running in high school, and it seems I was never able to shake it off. I have tried to breakup with running many times, but running just seems to always be a part of my life. I have been running so long that my husband runs, my sisters run, my brother runs, my 76 year old dad runs. I feel like if I can't breakup with running I better bring everyone else I love into the fold! I guess you could call our relationship a love/hate relationship. I sure hate running when I wake up for a race at 4:30 in the morning, but I sure love it when I cross the finish line!!!
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4 Responses to 5k Foam Fest – Battle For Nobility

  1. michaelene says:

    That looked like so so much fun!!! Next year for sure I am doing it!!!

  2. Justin says:

    A ton of FUN! More fun when you do it with those you Love!

  3. Kim says:

    Sorry I missed it!!

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