Hang on to that!!! It’s a Sport Hooks by Heavy Medalz Giveaway!!!

Okay, I am flippin’ excited about this here product. As you all may remember from my last post, I talked a little bit about the bling I run for, and being ever so proud of it. However, we all have great intentions of displaying our accomplishments, but for some crazy reason our bling always get stashed in the oddest of places. I have heard of runners that place their medals in their under-roo drawer (obviously they really don’t want anyone to see there bling), in the bathroom (um what?), on the dresser mirror (guilty), on the coat hanger (I’m sure they look super awesome under your snow coat!), and many other places.

Personally my bling starts out on my dresser mirror…..

I know my Ragnar medal deserves way more! 

When I am motivated by a child wanting to see “the bling”, I pull down “The Box”! Yeah, this is where all the medals go until I find the perfect place for them to be displayed.

Hey, this is so an upgrade. It is a shipping box, not just an old shoe box. My medals are very important, so you know a shoe box is just not going to work!!!

Now on a few occasions the love of my life has gotten really creative displaying our precious bling.

Our first marathon….

Yeah, you can be super impressed with my photog skills! I did get the “Boob Light” reflection to be right above the love of my life’s head. That takes mad skills to accomplish that. Don’t be jealous I can so teach you my skills!!!

Oh, I can’t forget about our first Ragnar…

So fun!! (Vegas I am coming, be prepared for me! I so want that Saints to Sinners medal. Although, a saint I will always be!)

I love the last two displays, but you can’t make a shadow box for every race, so what is a runner to do?

Well when I received my Sport Hooks by Heavy Medalz medal display in the mail I was over the top excited. I was excited that I had something of good quality, that was going to display my accomplishment, and motivate me every time I looked at my awesome space. Oh I brought it all together.

Okay be impressed with my bling not my photog skills. How awesome is this little set up? I LOVE it! Do you need a close up of my Sport Hook? I do too!!!

Freakin’ awesome right?!!

Well here is the super good news. One of you lucky readers is going to win your very own 5 hook Sport Hook of your choice. (See how below)

Now remember even if you have just started your bling collection, or you just need a little motivation everyday, these hooks also can be used to hang keys, leashes, hats, or jackets. So, every time you hang your stuff up as you walk in the door, you will be reminded that there is a run waiting for you. Grab the leash and the puppy and head out the door. 

If running is not quite your sport, then you need to know that there is a sport hook for almost any sport, so pick one that fits you perfectly. Now, if you are just being difficult and can’t have anything like anyone else then Heavy Medalz has your back, they make custom Sport Hooks too. So, if you need something that says, “The couch is calling you”, you  could go that route too. (not recommended)

I know you are getting a little antsy, so I will get to the best part……The Giveaway!!! All you have to do is,

1. Leave a comment below of where you currently keep your bling, and why a Sport Hook would benefit you (or whoever you are trying to win it for) greatly.

2. “Tag” Todayz Run and Sport Hooks in your status on Facebook. (This can be a little tricky, so take the challenge! You have to “like” both Todayz Run and Sport Hooks. Then go to your page and make the post available to everyone/public (this will only be for this post, so don’t be afraid that the creepers are coming to get you!) Then you have to write something like this, Hey friends @Todayz Run is giving away an awesome medal display from @Sport Hooks. Go enter to win!!! (the @ sign before the name is what links or tags you to the page. The @ sign will no longer be there once you are linked.)

Remember to come back to Todayz Run and leave a comment that you took on the challenge and conquered it!!! I will be so proud.

3. Go to Sport Hooks by Heavy Medalz website and check out all the fun Sport Hooks they make. Come back to Todayz Run and tell me which ones are your fave.

Now, here is the kicker (I love a kicker) you can do #2 daily. Make sure you leave a comment each and every time, so that you get an entry.
Also, if your fb friends come an enter have them mention your name for a bonus entry. Nothin’ better than a bonus right?!!

The winner will be announced on October 31, 2011, so get after it and win this oh so awesome prize!!


About Kathi

I am a runner! I am a mom of three and wife to one!!! I started running in high school, and it seems I was never able to shake it off. I have tried to breakup with running many times, but running just seems to always be a part of my life. I have been running so long that my husband runs, my sisters run, my brother runs, my 76 year old dad runs. I feel like if I can't breakup with running I better bring everyone else I love into the fold! I guess you could call our relationship a love/hate relationship. I sure hate running when I wake up for a race at 4:30 in the morning, but I sure love it when I cross the finish line!!!
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15 Responses to Hang on to that!!! It’s a Sport Hooks by Heavy Medalz Giveaway!!!

  1. I have my one medal hanging from a door knob in my office. It drives me nuts because my cats think it is a toy and are constantly hitting it against the door.

    I really like how you have your bibs and medals set-up. Very cool looking.

  2. I like the Rock ‘n Run one. In the ten hook category, the Bling Junkie is pretty cute.

  3. I have my medals in a box in my closet. 😦

  4. I “LIKED” Sport Hooks and I would like the one that says “MARATHON” with 10 hooks

  5. I ALWAYS “like” todayz run and I posted on my wall

  6. Uro1996 says:

    I have my medals in my dresser drawer. I worked hard to earn that bling! The drawer is no place for a accomplishment like that.

  7. Uro1996 says:

    I like the rockin roll hanger that is shaped like a guitar

  8. Sarah says:

    I keep my metals in a plastic container under my bed!! Although and upgrade from a box, it still isn’t right. And it would benefit me because I have some awesome soccer and running metals that are just dying to be displayed.

  9. Lara Deppe says:

    I have a sad little running box too that I compiled with my running stuff in it when I moved but then following the move, I’ve just been putting them willey nilley in a drawer! I need one of these darling hooks to put on my running wall under my marathon pics! 🙂

    The Run Happy one on their website is my fav! But I also love the one with Marathons on the top and 26.2 on one end and 13.1 on the other so that I could hang all on the same rung!

  10. I posted it on my wall again today. I really want this for all of my hard workin medals that I have earned.

  11. Kim says:

    My husband and I keep our medals hanging on each end of our dresser mirror. We try to keep the mirror level that way. It is quite tacky. A medal hanger for our medals would be awesome!

  12. Kim says:

    I am still a “Liker” of Todayzrun!!!

  13. Kim says:

    I tagged Todayzrun and Sport Hooks on my facebook. It was pretty easy to do. 🙂

  14. Kim says:

    I think the “Run Happy” hook is the one I would choose because running does make me happy! But for you I would choose “Bling Junkie”. You are such a bling junkie!

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