Wow! What A Weekend!!

Everybody loves a long weekend right? Well this last weekend was a really good one. It was like the weekend of trying new things.

First off I was given an ElliptiGO to try. Talk about fun!!! So, it is basically an Elliptical on wheels. When I first picked it up from Utah Home Fitness, I was a little intimidated. I mean it looks like it is going to take a while to figure it out. Oh, and I wasn’t interested in a learning curve that involved crashing. I dislike crashing very much!!! I just wasn’t sure if I had the talent to stay balanced, but I was super excited to get it home and give it a try. Well, the love of my life was super excited too, because he beat me to the punch. As I was unloading a few things from the car, he already had taken the bad boy for a spin around the neighborhood. It was okay though, because it made me feel, that if he didn’t crash right out of the shoots, then neither would I.

Well, it turns out that if you can stand on two feet then you can pretty much ElliptiGO. It is super easy, and super fun. I mean you still have the running motion going on, but the speed is way faster. It is the only way I am ever going to be as fast as a Kenyan. Oh, and know what it feels like to be seven feet tall!! You know, I really want to run like a Kenyan. The seven-foot tall thing is just a bonus!!!

Here is a quick comparison of the ElliptiGO to Running, Cycling, and an Elliptical Trainer.

I feel like the ElliptiGO would be an awesome tool for cross training. Also, a great tool for when you might want to still get out on your favorite running trail, but a running injury might be holding you back (The love of my life had no IT pain on his long ride). Just a great low impact exercise to do. Oh, and on the plus side, the ElliptiGO gets you a lot of attention. On my ride I passed a large group of cyclist, on my second time of passing them, they all stopped to watch me go by. I had many people yelling out “That thing in awesome!”, “Where did you get that awesome……um thing?”, and “What is that?”, as I passed by.

On the downside, you would definitely want to have the toe cages. Not that you need them, but they would have made me feel more comfortable, and they would have helped on the few hills that I did climb. I just wished I could have pulled up more. Other than that, the ElliptiGO is perfect!

Do you want to give an ElliptiGO a test drive? Go to the to find out where you can get your hands on one. In Utah the only place to get an ElliptiGO is at Utah Home Fitness.

The next thing I got to try this weekend was wakesurfing. Umm, can you say, one of my new favorite things to do!!! Yeah, I love to wakeboard, but wakesurfing just adds more fun to boating (I know I didn’t know boating could get any more fun either!) As soon as I got up (which is super easy), I thought I want to get really good at this, cause I want to go FORRRREVER!! You don’t want to stop, and if your my sister, you don’t stop. You go for like 45 minutes, and smile the entire time!! If you ever have the opportunity to try wakesurfing, don’t let it pass. Just get out there and have a blast!!!

Okay, I was supposed to try one more thing this weekend, but I am going to blame it on the weather as to why it was not tried… You can’t run in a skirt when it might rain right?!! That darn running skirt. I have been looking at it since I won it thinking, Today is the day you are going to love yourself a running skirt. Yeah, maybe on Wednesday I will be loving me a running skirt!!! We’ll just have to see.

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It Was A Huge Brawl!!!

I don’t know if you guys witnessed this same brawl, but it was fierce!!! It wasn’t so much of a violent brawl as much as it was just yelling. Oh, and it wasn’t the out loud yelling as much as it was just silent!!!

It was between two gangs. I think the one gang’s name was “Just go now” and the other’s name was “Do it later”. Okay, the brawl was in my head, and it was all about getting out of bed and going for a run this morning. The alarm went off and I rolled over to see what kind of light was coming through the blinds. Not enough for sure!!!  That is when the brawl took place, and it sounded a lot like this, Oh, it is way too dark to go running by yourself… Just get up and go. You will feel much better going into the day with your run done! What if, because it is so dark someone jumps out and gets you? Just get up and go!!! Well what if you just go later? Just get up and go and then you don’t have to worry about rearranging things later. Well, you can make it work! Lay here for 10 more seconds and then just get up and go!!! I start counting down from ten. I then pretend to lose count and start again from ten again. Oh, then the battle returns… Yeah, you are too tired. Just run tonight. No! you are awake now just go!!! Oh, my gosh I don’t want to!!! YES YOU DO!! JUST GO!! Okay, just ten more seconds and then get up. OH MY GOSH JUST GET UP NOW!!!

I know, it is pretty amazing the brawls I have just with myself. Can you imagine if I really got into a brawl? It would be scary!! I would be so fierce others would never want to mess with me. Okay, once again I am so lying. I am a huge wimp. Others wouldn’t want to mess with me because I might get snot all over them from crying about it!!

Anyway, the battle that took place today was conquered!! However, I would have won either way. That is the great thing about having a brawl with yourself!!! My run was great. There were tons of people out on the trail today, so it gave me motivation. Motivation to catch and not be caught. Motivation to smile and enjoy the day and the great weather!!! What a great start to a great day!!!

Did you have your own brawl today? In the end did it truly come out the way you wanted it to? How do you motivate yourself to do the things you really want to do now?

Get out and live life more now!!!


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Utah Runner Girls 13.1

Four down, two to go!!! Am I going to get my goal of six half marathons in before the race season is over in Utah? Oh, yes I am!!! Fingers crossed!!!

So, I ran the Utah Runner Girls 13.1 on Saturday with my cousin Michaelene, and let me tell you that it was one of the hardest halfs I have done thus far in my life!!!  Wow! Does Alpine have some hills my friend.

Before the race started I heard a few girls talking about the course, and how it was kind of a rolling hills kind of course. Ummm. No!! Rolling hills are like, Oh here comes a hill. These hills were more like, Whoa, how about another hill!!!

The freakin’ race started going up hill. That is way new to me!!! Usually if a half marathon even has a hill, they stick it to you in the middle of the race somewhere. Well, they stuck it to me in the beginning, first quarter, middle, and in the last quarter. With the steepest hill coming at you at about mile 11. Yeah, rough time for a hill. However, I loved that hill!!!

The great thing is, is that I love hills. The bad thing is, is that I don’t get enough hill training in my workouts. Hello, I live in the flatlands.

The race was a big loop, and it went through the neighborhoods and city of Highland and Alpine. I was a little nervous at the beginning of the race, because it was an all girls race. I have never ran an all girl race before, and I have never seen so many girls in cute little running skirts all in one place.

Why do girls make me nervous you ask, umm, girls are super competitive!!! I mean I know girls were at every other race I have run, but they seem to be diluted when the guys are there. High doses of girls kind of intimidates me.

Now this race was not a big race, but there were still 130 chicas running the half, and about 200 running the 5k. To me that is a lot of chicas!!!

So, as I said the race started by going uphill, and these chicas took off like it was a downhill. I just didn’t know what to do with myself, so I let them go. I told myself to relax and that I would see them again. I just hoped it wouldn’t be after we crossed the finish line. Well, I soon discovered that they were just super excited, and I started passing them before we hit the first mile. I was happy to have had my coach Garmin with me, because I didn’t want my excitement to slam me into the wall later in the race.

By mile five I thought I could still see the leaders, and I just went with a, try to keep them in your sight, and keep trying to bring them back to you. I could see that I would usually make some progress when we would hit the hills, so I knew I really had to work them.

Mile seven was great because the two girls that seemed to be battling up front had separated, and I thought I could catch at least one of them. However, I felt like I was running out of time. I watched them turn a corner and I lost sight of them. Because of the turns on the course I didn’t see them until about mile nine, and that was good because they were closer than I thought. The second girl I knew for sure I could catch, so I started the attack, but the first girl had a strong pace going still.

It took me a good quarter of a mile to catch the second chica, but I did, and that always gives me a burst of energy. I was then after the first girl. It was mile ten and I just didn’t know how many more pushes I had in me. I looked to coach Garmin, and he said, “Go!!” So,  go I did! Still I wasn’t making as much progress as I wanted. I looked ahead and saw a pretty steady hill coming, and the chica was already half way up it. I kept on pushing, and looking to see if catching her was possible. I was definitely gaining on her when, Wait, what???!! She started walking up the hill. Really? Here is my chance. I was so catching her. I could see the top of the hill. I was getting so close. Oh crap, we are starting a downhill, and she obviously is a good downhill runner. I knew I had to work it on the downhills too. Now, I know that downhill sound easy, but they really are not for me. They are super hard on joints (or am I just getting older?). Oh, and I am afraid of falling! I told myself, You will eat crap if you fall going slow or fast, so just go fast!!! This downhill part had a lot of turns also, so I kept loosing sight of her. It wasn’t until going into the last big hill that I finally caught her, but I knew she was a strong runner, and I didn’t want her to just pass me back. I knew that the big hill had to be conquered, and that I was capable of doing it! I am not going to lie, it was pretty challenging. The motivating signs that had been placed on the course and my music (Kesha’s-Cannibal) is what really pushed me to conquer that huge hill. Oh, and still not wanting to get passed.

I knew with only a mile and a half left that I really couldn’t let down much, because I didn’t have enough time to make some distance between the chica and myself. Oh, and at that point I knew I was really close to the leaders, however, I didn’t know how many more were in front of me.

Coming into the park I still couldn’t figure out my placement, because now we were finishing with the 5kers. I finished strong and just had to wait until they posted some results to see where I was.

Well, it was a happy day, I finished 2nd overall with a pace of 7:59:00. I was pretty stinkin’ happy with that time with the amount of hills there were. Here is the funning thing. I won a running skirt for taking 2nd. If you know me, you know how I feel about running skirts. I think they are super cute, but I can barely get through church wearing a skirt. I always tell Fifty Pounds of Fury that, skirts are for Sunday only!!! I told the love of my life, Running and skirts just don’t go together for me. His reply, “Yeah they do! I see you every Sunday running to get yours off!!!”(That is so true) Well, I will have to give the running skirt a try now. I am just not sure I am cutesy enough for a running skirt. I let you know how it goes!!!

 All in all it was a great running day, but more importantly it supported a great cause, Autism Speaks. I love knowing that my running habit (good or bad) helps someone in need.

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Where Am I?

Okay, I just got home from running along the Virgin River. I saw about 50 baby lizards, three big lizards, and one cute bunny.

Yeah, I just got back from running in St. George, and no I wasn’t running a race there. I was just there for a little getaway. On Wednesday I set out for a run when I realized I forgot my coach and my sunglasses at home. Two things you need when you don’t know where or how far things are, and it is really sunny.

I was a little upset with myself for forgetting those valuables, but I wasn’t going to let it stop me from enjoying a great run!!!

I asked the front desk guy for a map to the trails and asked a few questions. Well, just the important ones: Will I get lost? Will I get stolen? Is it very far away? The cute little guy was pretty helpful, and his answers were correct for the most part. He told me I wouldn’t get lost, I would not get stolen, and he told me the trail was about a half mile away. So doable, I though to myself while walking out of the hotel holding the little piece of paper with the directions to get to the trail on it.

 (Sidenote: What the cute little front desk guy meant to say was, you don’t know where you are already, so could you get anymore lost than you already are! He was spot on with the whole, you won’t get stolen thing, cause I’m still here. Oh, and he really meant to say that the trail was about 2 miles away instead of a 1/2 mile.)

I had studied the trail while driving to St. George, so I kind of knew where I was going. I soon realized that my guess of the trail being about a mile and a half away was right about on. Once I found the trail map that had miles posted on it, I thought I was in heaven. Directions and a well mapped course. What could be better than that? Well maybe a map that was correct and current would be better than that!!! So, I asked a guy standing by the map if he knew the trail. He told me he had just walked it, and knew the trail for the most part. Then he sent me on my way in the complete opposite direction than I thought I was going. Super!!!

Once I figured that out, I decided that I would change things up. I mean where the crap was that dude sending me? I’m not going to lie, I wasn’t in the mood to be stolen. I had other things I wanted to do!! So, I decided to follow the “Mayor’s Loop”. I didn’t know how far it was, but I decided that my inner Garmin was just going to have to work for me. Then all of a sudden I was on the Virgin River South trail. Wait, where am I? Am I lost? NOOOOO!!! Just then I saw a cute little couple with a super cute puppy coming towards me. I decided that they would be pretty safe to ask for directions. Here is the kicker (I love a kicker) They told me that none of the trails or mile markers were correct, because of all the flooding and changes made to the trail. The trail that the guy just supposedly walked, had been washed out and did not exist. Well I am glad I decided to change things up then, I thought!!! The cute couple gave me better directions, but didn’t know the distance of any of the trails. I decided that since I was running this weekend, if my run was less than what I wanted it to be than it would be okay, because it was a taper week right!!!

Well when I returned to the hotel I used map my run to see what I had done. I ended up running about a mile and a half further than I thought I did. I was surprised that my inner garmin was off that much. I also discovered that it was about 15 degrees hotter than I thought it would have been, so I blame my inner garmin to be off due to extreme temperatures!!

I set out to see new things. Run in a place I had never ran before, and just have fun!! It was definitely good times. However, I think the video on youtube that has the lizard run up the guys pants and come out his shirt, may have been a video that I shouldn’t have seen. Yeah, I was shrieking, jumping, and even shooing the poor lizards away. I am sure if anyone saw me, they totally thought I was a crazy!!!

Don’t worry I will get those dang trails down, and I won’t ask some random guy for directions again. It looks like it is going to be a great place to run, plus I don’t even pay attention to how far I am going because I am too worried about lizards that are about an inch big trying to run up my leg!!! Really?!!

It's a great trail if you know where you are going!!!

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Woof! That Was Really Hot!!

Well, I really wanted to get out and run the trails today, but when that didn’t work out I just went on my traditional fun run. Here is the kicker (I love a kicker) the love of my life and I were a little lazy and we didn’t get out the door until noon. Yeah, a little late in the day for a run on a summer day!!!

Here is another kicker (I love two kickers way more than just one), the love of my life likes to take off like a bat out of hell these days. He figures that he is not sure how long his leg is going to last, so he wants to make sure that every second out on the run “counts”. Ummmm, don’t all the seconds count even if you do start a little slower? I think so. I was actually thinking, Awe, saturday… easy run, not really,…. hall balls!!!

So not was it only really hot, we added a touch of humidity, and of course, a faster pace than I really wanted to go. I am talking, so hot we had to stop so Justin and B (my way cute endurace scooter specialist!!) could dunk their hats and shirts in the little stream. Yeah, I will let you know if they catch some skin disease later!!

Okay now wait for it,….another kicker is coming your way! Yes! Here it is, the kicker (I love three kickers) I loved every second of my super hot, super sweaty, super kind of fast run!! I actually found myself smiling in the last two miles, not once, not twice, but three separate times. I know what a great day right? I actually did not have b—– face three times during a run (well actually I don’t really know if I still have b—- face when I smile and run.) Either way I had a great run on a day that I wouldn’t have thought it would have been, so I just say awesome to that!!!

Okay a little sidenote, I know that Hurt in the Dirt took place today (or is still taking place). If you did either of the two runs or the duathlon (can’t even say that, so I know I can’t participate in it!!!) let me know how it went. The love of my life and I debated and debated on doing one of the trail runs. Is it something that I need to put on the list next year, or is there even a better adventure race I need to take part in?


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Add R-Scape To Your Must Run List!!!

So this past weekend my peeps and I ran the R-Scape Relay Race, and can you say, “Super Fun!!!”

The love of my life and I arrived at Mount Ogden Park about 3:30 to start setting up camp and get all checked in. I was thinking that we would be one of the first to arrive, but we weren’t. People had already been there to decorate their homestead and make sure that they were super comfortable for the next 18 hours. I have to tell you that some didn’t go without much. Some had big screens and gaming systems. There were couches and hammocks. Tents with many rooms. You know the people who just go all out.

We had sleeping bags, and a tent. We slept under a ez-ups. Yeah, sounds pretty awesome right?!! I know you are jealous of our sleeping arrangement. I have to tell you that the love of my life and I were super spoiled, because, I think that we were the only ones that remembered to bring pillows in our group. We were actually trying to figure out how we might be able to swipe a pillow from someone’s couch!!

Okay, we are the total opposite of the people who go all out!!!

Okay on to the amazing running part. The trail was amazing!!! My group and I had tried to run the loop before, and had got a little lost along the way. Well as it turned out, the part of the trail we missed in training, was the best freakin’ part!!

The race started just after 6, and it was kicked off by a very motivational movie. Well I’m pretty sure it was motivational, but the glare from the sun prevented me from seeing it. The music was motivational though!!! 

I was the third runner, which was a pretty good place to be as you only have one run in the dark once. My first run was at about 8pm and it was pretty uneventful other than the dog that tried to bite my leg off, and the two bikers that wouldn’t get out of my way. The temperature was just about perfect, and you didn’t need light until the very end (which I didn’t have with me, but I survived).

Run two was at about 2am, and I was a little nervous about it. Fifty pounds of fury was runner two and she was nervous too. I had told her that I would run with her if she would run with me. Well, she liked the “me run with her” part, but not the “her run with me” part so much, so she found a pacer to run with us. 

Wait, let me just pause for a second and tell you about the trail so you understand why we wanted someone with us. There are sections along the trail that take you to a place that you would not even realize are in Utah. These sections reminded me of the rainforest in Costa Rica where the trees just seem to be giving the trail a huge hug. The air is humid, and you can hear water rushing down the canyons. The birds are chirping and flying from tree to tree. However, the birds in this scene do throw off my rainforest thing as they are not too exotic. It is really amazing still! Oh, and it is really dark in these sections (that is the scary part to us!) Oh, and the sections that you could trip over a rock and fall down the side of the mountain was a little scary too!!! I mean I’m just saying.

Okay so, back to the run…..Fifty pounds of fury recruited a cute little pacer guy to run with us, which I kind of feel bad that he had to run the loop back to back, but he said it was no problem and he could do it. Well it was really nice to have him with me, as he would shine his flashlight on rocks and stumps I might have tripped over. However, when the random lady was standing in the trees it didn’t stop me from screaming at the top of my lungs and spitting out my gum. (Yeah, the gum part surprised me too!!). Nor did it stop me from wanting to push him out of my way when I heard noises in the trees, which I was for sure was a huge Mountain Lion that had been stalking me the entire time just waiting to play a very quick game of tag. (I knew I would lose for sure). Then when the cute little pacer guy had to stop for tummy issues, it didn’t stop me from sprinting the last two and a half miles just to get off the mountain cause I had seen creepies (okay they just might have been adventurous peeps) hiking up earlier to camp up there!!! Don’t be so surprised, I have noted that I am a big wimp many of times!!

Now on to run three. This leg was dreaded just the same as leg three in Ragnar. It is like you are having so much fun, but now you are a little tired from no sleep, and a little sore from running before. However, it didn’t take long before I was smiling and telling myself, I love this sport. Just look at the amazing places you get to see. Look at the amazing things your body can do. Then as I got a little further on the loop I was saying things like, Holy crap how did I even stay on this trail in the dark. Oh my gosh that is a huge drop off.  Bah, how did I not get lost in the dark, but I just ran on the wrong trail in the day (Oh cute little pacer guy knew the trail very well). Then quickly my thoughts went to holy crap that is a huge fox standing in front of me. I didn’t know a fox was that big. Do I keep running or will the fox get me? Once I got my crap back together, I was back to, well that’s a big rock, how did you not take me down. Oh, there is the dead squirrel holding a glow stick everyone was talking about.  Gross!! Then as I was in the last mile of my last run I came full circle and I was smiling and loving the run. That is just how it goes!!

When I finished my last run, the love of my life asked me, “How do you feel?” I felt great. I saw my brother who was not doing too well. He had tummy issues and his IT Band was starting to hurt. He was our 5th runner and he was getting ready to go into our 17th lap. We didn’t think he would have to run again. We thought we would have run out of time to send him out. Well that was until I went and looked at the chart, which told us how many laps each team had run. While I was there I noticed that we were tied with two other teams to win our category, and we still had time to send him out. I went with a, wait what?!! I didn’t think we would even compete, so not only did I have to go tell my sick brother he had to run again, I also had to tell him, don’t let any of these teams pass you, because we could win!!! No pressure though!!! Well as his time came closer to run he said he didn’t think he could make it. I told him I would do it for him if he needed. When it came down to it, he wanted to finish what he started, and he decided to run. Well, I went with him just in case he needed to bail. To make a long story a little shorter. He fought through it. He was in a ton of pain, and was not loving life, but he made it. He finished his third leg. I think he had a heat stroke by the time he crossed the finish line, but he did it!!! Now, here is the kicker (I love a kicker) about 10 minutes after we crossed the finish line, one of the teams we were tied with had their 6th runner come across the finish line, which gave them 18 laps.

Crap!!!! We were so close to the win and I almost killed my brother trying to do so.

Winning would have been icing on the cake of a super fun running event. However, it was fun to be able to just hang out with a bunch of people who enjoy running. It was fun to meet new people.

The food was awesome. The entertain was great!!

If you love Ragnar Relay, but don’t like the driving, and the worrying about being to the next exchange on time, then this is the event for you.

Or, if you just like being with a bunch of super fun people for about 18 hours, then this is so the event for you!!!

I will so be doing this event next year!!

 I am excited to see R-Scape explode, because it will!! I know the homestead/base camp will be even more alive. I know the decorating will go to the next level of awesome. I know my plot will still be the same, but that doesn’t matter, because I know that the people hangin’ out at my homestead is where awesome really goes to the next level!!!

So Fun!!!

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Well That Was Fun!!! South Weber 10K

10k completed!!!

So, the alarm didn’t go off this morning. Good thing I have an internal running alarm. However, it put me in a rush, because it went off about 15 minutes after I wanted it to. So, flying out of bed and rushing to put my running clothes on, left me with no real time to be nervous. (I know it is just a fun run, but racing still makes me nervous. I mean you could call me up right now and ask me to race you around the block and I would get nervous.)

The love of my life and I picked up my brother from his house, oh,…. right about the time I told Josh I would be at his house. Yeah, just a tad late! We got to the park and I still had to register. (Nothing like starting a race still trying to pin your bib on right?!!) Not exactly how I like to roll, but I was rolling with it. Luckily I got the last pin in just as the cute little lady started the race.

People darted off like we were just running a mile. Oh wait, did it just feel like that because I did not warm up at all?!! Or, because I am not a very good starter? YES! 

As I watched the first few girls take off, I realized that the super fast chica in the front was my cute friend I ran with in high school, so I knew she was fast. (Yeah, she kicked my trash there too!!)

I figured that if I could just keep her in my site that it would be good. Well that lasted about the first mile. I did see her again when we turned around, but that doesn’t count at all. So, I just went with my typical race strategy. Just run! Just try to catch the person in front of you. Just push as hard as you can! Good strategy right? Yeah, it’s pretty basic. I should work on another one.

The course weaved through the neighborhoods of  South Weber. It had a few uphills and downhills, which is great, because you can push yourself knowing that you will get a recovery soon (well that is a recovery while still in the effort). The thing that South Weber has that I wasn’t prepared for?…. Wind!! I mean I know the wind blows there, but I didn’t know it was going to be like running in a wind tunnel. It was blowing so hard in areas that it would blow my foot into my other leg. (can you say, so happy I didn’t trip myself? Cause that might have been super embarrassing!!!)

Well the course was a good one and my race strategy worked fairly well for me. I finished strong. Maybe a little too strong. I had a little more in the tank that maybe could have been used earlier. However, I was pretty happy with my finish.

Finished: 10K 44:02.54 – 2nd in age division – 3rd overall female (My cute friend won 1st overall chica in 40 minutes. I told you she was fast right?)

I know I say that I love every race that I run, but that is because they are just fun okay!! It is fun to see people accomplishing their goals. People are just excited to be there (well at least when the race is over), and it is just fun to be a part of that.

This race was even more fun, because they had a ton of great prizes at the end. For just a small city race it was well supported by the community. It was awesome!!! Oh, and I won a $10 gift card for Farr’s Fresh Ice Cream, so that made it even better. Out of all the prizes I could have won, isn’t funny that I won Ice Cream? Love that for sure!!!


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