Todayz Run gets Two Thumbs Up!

-Flexibility Training, Brian Dorfman
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Nicole Dorfman, Dorfman Kinesiology
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Debbie Pagell, Events Coordinator, SPIbelt LLC
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-Pro-Tec Foam Roller
“What a great blog! You’re truly talented.”
Sayeh Jackson,  Director of Marketing, Pro-Tec Athletics
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-Ryders Eyewear, Road ID, & GU Energy
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-Scott, OutsidePR
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-Knuckle Lights
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-Dan Hopkins, President-Knuckle Lights
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My Run the Movie
“Thanks Kathi–Looks Great”
Mark Castaldo/Award-winning Producer-MY RUN
“My Run” the Movie Ticket Giveaway

-Injinji Footwear
“Thanks for the positive and very informative review! We really appreciate your support and we hope you are a happier runner in your Injinjis.”
-Deirdre/Injinji Sales & Marketing
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– Honest Tea
“Thanks Kathi, great review!” -Allison/Formula PR inc.
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-PEET Dryer
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-Paloxin LS
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“Congratulations on your blog.  I love your purpose!”
Thanks so much for the great review and promotion.  I think you nailed it!!!”
-Eric Jenican/Endorphin Warrior
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-Lock Laces
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-CEP Compression Socks
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-Auria Earphones
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